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We take complaints from both parties. We believe any of both party can be unfairly treated.

Landlord's and Tenants Rights Initiative

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May I on behalf of the Board of Trustees of Landlords and Tenants Rights Initiative (LTR) welcome you to this platform. Landlords and Tenants Rights Initiative was formally registered as a Non Government Organisation on the 5th Day of June 2009 at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja.

The objectives of the organisation are

  1. To promote peaceful coexistence between Landlords and Tenants through the promotion of awareness of their respective legal rights and obligations
  2. To advocate the use of Mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes in the resolution of Landlords and Tenants disputes
  3. To promote home ownership
  4. To partner with relevant organisations and stakeholders in the promotion of Landlords and Tenants disputes

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Mission Statement

To enlighten Landlords and Tenants on thier respective legal rights and obligations and to empower them to resolve their disputes through amicable dispute resolutions (DR) processes.

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